The Start Of A Journey

My mother was driving us back home from a very well-spent evening with friends. My mom and I almost have a best-friend-relationship. She trusts me with everything she tells me, just as I do.

She told me about this one friend of hers who’s basically struggling to stay alive… financially speaking. She’s a housewife. Her husband hasn’t been working for almost 5 years now. I believe he’s severely depressed. He lost his position at a very well-renowned company right after the revolution took place in 2011.

He’s been abusive since then. Verbally, physically and emotionally. She’s become the trash bin of his unpleasant emotions and agony. She’s become less human in his eyes. It is awful seeing someone lose their safety and dignity for the sake of someone else, for the sake of someone who just does not quite get what it takes to endure insults so as not to be labelled as “divorced” or, God forbid a “widow”.

Every time she’d go to my mother for advice, every time I hear the inhumane treatment and horrific stories of what her husband has become, I am full of rage. I am full with rage that the fire that’s illuminated inside of me burns brighter than the fire around me.

But this story that I’m about to tell was the gasoline for my fire.

She came crying to my mother, I greeted her with a polite hello and went away so she can vent. She said she believed her husband was about to kill her. He choked her with his own hands, she felt his fingers penetrating the skin on her neck. Hadn’t her little boy been crying hysterically, her husband wouldn’t have stopped.

He let go of her, glanced longly at his son’s face and walked away.

And that was it for me. Her voice will be heard even if she does not have a clue about this blog.

I’m ¬†finally granted me the power to start this blog. I finally decided to take y’all on this roller coaster that never stops. Let me accompany you, and you to accompany me.

I hope you and I, together, can be of more love, compassion, justice and peace. I hope we become the light we want to see in people’s hearts.


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